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Self Injurious Behavior
Written by: Jessica Cavanagh

SELF-INJURIOUS BEHAVIOR is based on Tallahassee-born playwright Jessica Cavanagh’s own story of loss, love and survival. When severely autistic eleven-year-old Benjamin becomes a danger to himself, his divorced mother, Summer, makes the excruciating decision to admit him to a home for special needs kids. Seeking comfort, she visits her sisters in Portland who desperately and hilariously attempt to distract her with a weekend of escapism at the local renaissance faire.


Plagued by haunting dreams of her son and memories of her marriage, Summer is forced to face the need to let go. Striking a chord across audience demographics thanks to its bittersweet and unique blend of honesty and humor, Jessica Cavanagh has captured, in telling her own story, a voice that speaks to the qualities within us all not only to cope with our own “unimaginables” but to continue to live, making the play more than just a story about autism or motherhood, but one about the resiliency of human nature.

Directed by Jimmy Kontos

Performances will be:
April 28 - May 1

at Young Actors Theatre